Skill level: Advanced

Length: 4 Miles

Track: Singletrack

Elevation: 1,337ft

Average time: 1 Hour


Packer’s Bay has four popular trails: The Waters Gulch Trail, Overlook Trail, Fish Loop Trail, and Eastside Trail. These have varying lengths—from just 0.4 miles to 2.8 miles. Though trails in the Shasta Lake area are open year-round, we suggest hiking them in the spring or fall—the accumulation of mud can make for a rough, dangerous ride. However, if you encounter any troubles on your way around, there are several bike shops in the area.


With steps, challenging rocks, and several downed trees, this trail has several fun obstacles. There are several great climbs and downhills, as well as spectacular views of he lake and wildflowers. At some parts, especially in the Waters Gulch Trail, we recommend getting off and climbing—unless, of course, you feel comfortable bunny-hopping up a three-foot rock.


If you plan to bike or hike this trail in the summertime, we recommend bringing a lot of water. The heat can be very severe, and there is no drinking water anywhere on the trail. Additionally, watch out for the occasional dogs; pets are allowed in the area (on a leash), and you never know what might happen.