Can Cycling be an Anaerobic Exercise?

Getting regular exercise of any kind is very important. When you are trying to workout, the two types of exercise that people get is aerobic and anaerobic. Generally, anaerobic exercise is considered to be of higher intensity and can help to burn fat. While cycling is generally considered to be aerobic exercise, there are ways that you can make cycling into an anaerobic workout.

Focus on Intervals
One of the ways that you can make cycling an anaerobic exercise is by focusing on intervals. While a long bike ride can be enjoyable and help you to burn some calories and keep your heart healthy, those that are looking to burn more calories should try and step up their intensity. By switching between cycling very hard and fast and going at a steady pace through consistent intervals can help convert this into an anaerobic workout.

Find Some Hills
A natural way that you can make exercise program anaerobic is by finding a trail with plenty of hills.  When cycling on hills, there will be periods where you need to push yourself while going through a climb as well as periods when you are going through a downslope and are able to coast a bit. This will help to get your heart rate up and help you to burn a lot of calories in the process.

Mix In Other Exercises
Another way that people are able to turn their cycling into a more challenging anaerobic exercise program is by mixing in other exercises. If using an exercise bike at home, you can quickly work in some weightlifting exercises during your cycling routine. This will help you boost your heart rate and help you burn some additional calories. Another option is to do some bodyweight exercises when you get off the bike to boost your metabolism.