Transitioning from Road Cycling to Mountain Biking

Biking continues to be a very popular sport and exercise for people all over the world. For those that enjoy biking, there are several different styles to consider. Two of the most common of which are road cycling and mountain biking. If you are an experienced road cycler and want to try mountain biking, there are several tips that should be followed to ensure you enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Start with Easier Trails
A good tip to follow when you are getting used to mountain biking is to start with easier trails. The difficulty in mountain biking trails can vary considerably from one to the next. Fortunately, there are some out there that are not too steep and do not have too many significant obstacles. This can give you a chance to safely get used to this different style of biking.

Get the Right Equipment
One of the most important things that you need to do when mountain biking is to get the right gear. The equipment you need for a bike ride on the mountain versus the road varies considerably. You should look for a rugged bike with tough wheels and get a set of pads and a helmet that can protect you if you take a hard fall off the bike.

Be Prepared
If you are used to road cycling, you likely expect that the terrain will be predictable. When it comes to mountain biking, the complete opposite is true. As you start mountain biking, you will need to get used to sticks, rocks and holes being located all over the trail. To ensure that you are prepared, you need to keep your eyes open down the road and be alert at all times. This will ensure that you are ready to react at any moment.