Mayor Aims to Make Redding Mountain Bike Destination

Mayor Brent Weaver is hoping to reclaim Redding as a must-see mountain bike destination. In highlighting some of the area’s trails, he and the city hope to see a surge in cycling enthusiasm.


Redding’s cycling and mountain biking roots run deep. In 1981, the city hosted what is believed to be the world’s first organized mountain biking race—the Whiskeytown Downhill. With 36 miles of sinuous trails through the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, the race drew 76 races. Most came from California, but several travelled from out of state from places like Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.


By 1986, the race had grown in popularity. Organizers reported 503 racers at the start line. The spark had been lit—word was spreading throughout the cycling community of challenging descents, technical climbs, and scenic creek crossings. This race brought riders from California, but also from other American states. Some riders even travelled from Europe.


Though the Whiskeytown Downhill has been replaced with the Lemurian Shasta Classic, people still travel from around the world to ride these incredible trails. To celebrate the city’s cycling history, the mayor has introduced the Mayor’s Mountain Bike Challenge. This challenge features 14 trails in the area—five beginner, five intermediate, and four expert trails.


For years, cyclists from California and the western United States have been travelling to Redding for unparalleled riding. In posing this challenge, the city hopes that riders from the Pacific Northwest—who may be waiting for their local trails to thaw after the winter—will visit and ride in the Redding area.


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